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我们接受第一保健红蓝卡,安保,维佳,  兰十字等部分医疗保险。如果你需要我们来确认医疗保险福利的话,请提供你的保险资料包括全名,出生日期,保险号码,保险公司的电话号码等。





Case report 1: 

Dr. Jeffrey Chan acupuncture case sharing
(Symptoms of stroke sequela are weakness of upper and lower limbs and unable to walk for 4 months. According to Mount Sinai Hospital they think that it was very difficult for her to walk on her own for the rest of her life but after a few minutes of treatment with Dr. Chan using scalp acupuncture the patient can get up from the wheelchair and walk!)

The patient, Kitty Dong, a Chinese-American woman, is 87 years old. Case No. 091832 Sequela of apoplexy: Weakness of the left upper and lower limbs, and inability to walk for 4 months. The patient had been hospitalized at New York's famed Mount Sinai Hospital for a full month after suffering a stroke four months ago. She was discharged with no movement in his left upper and lower extremities. After more than a month of home physiotherapist rehabilitation treatment, she was still unable to walk alone. She had to be helped by a car to walk slowly. The hospital specialist who treated her also told her that it was very difficult for her to walk alone. She also visited two other acupuncture clinics in New York for more than two months before she came to Dr. Chan clinic. The acupuncture treatment that two clinics provided was not helpful for the patient. Patient who had traveled through the others introduction to Jeffrey Chan clinic treatment, Dr. Chan Scalp Acupuncture, after a few minutes acupuncture to patient with the left leg have fornication, Dr.Chan asked the patient for standing up an walking alone, in the eyes of the patient and her daughter to doubt, because the patients really stood up slowly and began to walk alone. Her daughter kept saying, "It's amazing, it's amazing, I can't believe it, it's only been a few minutes... It's amazing." The faster the patient walked, the easier she walked. Walking nearly 100 meters back, the patient was very excited with tears in her eyes and said to Chan, "Can I hug you?" "I can't believe I'm ever going to be able to walk alone. I 'm so excited." Her daughter who had been paying close attention to her was also excited to come forward and hold Doctor Chan's hand. Thank you very much! The patient also slept much better after acupuncturing in Doctor Chan's clinic (the original long -term insomnia), and the chronic constipation was also cured! For this reason, Kitty published a letter of thanks in SING TAO DAILY, the most famous Chinese newspaper in New York, thanking Dr. Chan for his excellent acupuncture skills, after just a few minutes of acupuncture treatment; she was able to walk alone. It's amazing! Her sincere thanks to Dr. Chan! I also hoped that other patients suffering from pain can get such good acupuncture treatment and recover soon.    


陈平青医案--焦氏头针病案分享 (中风后遗症左侧上下肢无力,不能行走4个月,纽约Mount   Sinai  医院认为她这辈子可能都不能自行走路了!陈大夫用焦氏头针治疗几分钟后,就可以从轮椅上站起来行走了!) 患者  Kitty Dong   女  华裔美国人  87岁   病案号091832   中风后遗症左上下肢无力,不能行走4个月。患者于4个月前中风后在纽约著名的西奈山Mount   Sinai  医院住院治疗整整1个月,出院时左侧上下肢不能活动。出院后在家中接受物理治疗师上门康复治疗1个多月后,仍不能单独行走,需用助行车还要别人搀扶才能缓慢行走,帮她治疗的医院专家医生还告诉她这辈子可能都不能自己单独走路了。她在来陈平青医生诊所之前也曾去过纽约另外两家针灸诊所针灸了2个多月都没有效果!心有不甘的患者经别人介绍慕名来陈平青诊所治疗,陈大夫用焦氏头针治疗:双侧足运感区,对侧运动区上1/5、2/5等穴区,进针后捻针几分钟后患者诉左下肢有蚁走感,陈大夫就要求她站起来自己单独行走,在病人及家属怀疑的目光注视下,病人真的站起来开始单独慢慢行走。她的女儿在旁边不断地说,“太神奇了,真的太神奇了,我真的不敢想,才针了短短几分钟....太神奇了。”患者越走越快,越走越轻松。走完将近100米返回时,病人激动万分含泪对陈大夫说我能抱抱你吗?当病人抱着陈大夫时,完全控制不住情绪而泪流满面,“我真不敢相信,我这辈子还能单独自己走路,真的太激动了。”旁边一直在紧张关注的家属也激动上前握住陈大夫的手,万分的感谢!患者在陈大夫诊所针灸后睡眠也好多了(原来长期失眠),慢性便秘也治好了!后来听陈大夫说他针灸用的是世界针王焦顺发教授发明的头针针灸疗法,為此Kitty還特地在纽约最著名的华文报纸《星岛日报》《SING  TAO  DAILY》上刊登了一封感谢信,感謝陈大夫高超的医术!短短的几分钟的头针针灸治疗,她就能单独行走了,实在太神奇了!衷心感谢陈大夫!。感谢焦顺发教授发明了了不起的头针並悉心传授头针秘诀给他的传人陈平青大夫!同時也希望其他受病痛折磨的病人能得到这么好的针灸治疗,早日康复。

Case report 2: Bells's Palsy and Cervical neuralgia


Dear Dr. Chan

Thank you for treating  my Bells's Palsy and Cervical neuralgia.

I am a 48 year old male who experienced right-side facial nerve paralysis and was unable to close my right eye in the past year and a half. I also experienced numbness in my left hand over the past 11 years. Starting 11 years ago, without any obvious cause, I felt numbness in my fingers and the condition worsened as the numbness extended to my forearm. I was extremely worried that the condition might get even worse, that is when I heard about Dr. Chan’s new painless acupuncture treatment with Chinese herb. I decided to try the treatments. Dr. Chan performed a careful diagnostic exam on me and my tests results were as following: the abnormal widening of the palpebral fissure, flattening of the nasolabial fold, an inability to wrinkle the forehead, to close one eye completely and to purse the lip. Pain at the region near C3-C7 intervertebral disc had radiated to the right upper extremity. Spurling test showed positive (+), Traction Test of Brachial Plexus showed positive (+). The X-rays revealed a narrowing at the C5-C7 intervertebral disc


黄先生,48岁,右口眼歪斜,右眼闭眼不全,不能鼓气已1年半余。另诉左手麻木11年余,11年前无明显诱因出现右手无名指、小指麻木,逐渐发展至前臂、上臂。检查:右额纹浅,右眼裂扩大,鼻唇沟平坦,不能做蹙额、闭目、露齿、鼓气等动作。颈椎生理曲度存在,C3-C7椎及左旁软组织压痛,放射至右上肢,压顶、叩顶试验(+),臂丛牵拉试验(+)。X片示:C3-C7椎体前缘及后缘见骨质增生,C5-C7椎间隙变窄。诊断为1.顽固性面瘫,2.颈椎病。陈平清针灸 医生针灸后,患者感觉进针后即能闭眼,鼓腮吹气有力无漏气,左手臂、手指麻木也好转。继续针灸5次后患者面瘫痊愈,颈椎病症状也明显改善。再针灸6次,颈椎病症状完全消失。随访9个月无再发作。

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ----------David H.


Case Report 3:  Depression and insomnia


Dear Dr. Chan

I am very grateful for you curing my depression and insomnia.

I am a fifty-three year old female with menopause for one and half years. I came to the acupuncture office with a lack of power and depression for 8 months. The condition had worsened through a course of 2 months. I had insomnia that required sleeping pills to help sleep at night. Because of my suicidal tendency, my primary physician prescribed two anti-depression medications. However, the medications did not work very well. I decided to find a treatment to completely cure to my problem. Dr. Chan performed a careful diagnostic examination and concluded that my tongue fur appeared to be thick, greasy and pale and my pulse was tight and tense. Dr. Chan suggested a course of new painless acupuncture  treatment combined with Chinese herb to improve my condition. The treatment and herbs are said to improve blood flow to the brain, regulate the nervous system and stabilize mood swings, therefore improving conditions such as restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, and depression. After 1 week of treatment, the amount of anti-depression medications and sleeping pills used was greatly reduced. After 1 month of the treatment, I no longer needed to take any medication and I was completely cured.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           --------- Lucy Y.

Case report 4: Herniated disc of Lumbar spine


Dear Dr. Chan

I highly appreciate you for curing  my herniated disc successfully.

I am a 39 year old male who experienced reoccurring lower back pain over the past 15 years. During the past 2 months, my lower back pain had reoccurred more frequently and the condition worsened. I experienced pain, numbness, and weakness in both legs. My MRI image showed that there was a herniated disc at the L4-L5 intervertebral disc with a severe narrowing. I had sought different treatments from numerous doctors in the past years, but none of the treatments could completely remove my pain and relieve my symptoms. Although some treatments did help to improve my condition, the results were rather temporary. I felt pain so severe that I was not able to stand on my feet and I had to use wheelchair. Reading the newspaper, I came across Dr. Chan's new  painless acupuncture treatments and I decided to give it a try. Three minutes after a treatment, I felt immediate relief from my lower back and there was a warm sensation from my lower back to my feet. I felt very comfortable. The treatment took  for 30 minutes and lower back pain disappeared after Dr. Chan removed the needle from my body and the numbness and pain in my legs were greatly reduced. Following another 3 sessions of treatment, I was completely cured.  After one and a half year, Dr. Chan called for a follow-up and my condition was completely cured. It never reoccurred after the treatment.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -----------------Bob L.

Case report 5: 

I came to Dr. Chan with painful tendinitis, sleeplessness and acid reflux. After one session, I was 80% improved. He is extremely attentive, thorough and listens very closely to my symptoms. I was so impressed with his medical knowledge and expertise that  brought my nine-years old daughter. She left his acupuncture office with a smile and gave him a thumbs up. I strongly recommend Dr Chan, who is a licensed Acupuncturist.


当我来到陈医生诊所的时候, 因我患有严重的肌腱炎疼痛,失眠, 和胃酸倒流。在经过陈医生一次的针灸治疗后,我的肌腱炎疼痛当场就好了80%。他诊病是非常认真的细心周密的。我对他的医学知识和独特经验感到印象非常深刻,所以我把我9岁的女儿也带来让陈医生诊治了。 当她离开陈医生针灸诊所的时候是带着满脸笑容的,她给了陈医生一个大拇指称赞。我强烈推荐陈医生给大家,他是一个有针灸执照的好医生


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -----------------Elisabeth Ames (纽约执照名律师)

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